"By creating clever, flattering art to wear, my inspiration comes alive the moment my pieces are worn. I regularly witness this alchemy between women and my work; both are changed for the better. My hand-dyed blue silk alights her steely eyes, my printed imagery evokes her own memories, my figure-friendly contours make her feel attractive and stylish. Three particular elements-- shibori-dyed silk, sophisticated sewing, and screen printed bamboo jersey -- define my signature style. I use a modern take on shibori (machine-stitching resist motifs) to engineer pattern on the garment, therefore on the female figure. Screen printing my own original illustrations and intricate papercuts adds personal content, embedding stories among the stitches. Technical components become creative opportunities: pockets in panels, decorative stitching as support structure, bindings and ruffles as unexpected pops of color. As my mastery matures, onward goes the evolution of fine design for stylish women."


-Jen Swearington, 2015