"From award-winning quilter, designer, and teacher Jen Swearington comes an essential and accessible guide to printing by hand on fabric. She starts by explaining how to translate design ideas into prints, from single motifs to repeating patterns. Jen then goes on to cover various methods of transfer: stencils, photo emulsion, dye baths, bleach, and more.  With plenty of tried-and-true recipes, and a dozen teaching projects that range from garments to home décor, this beautiful book is the perfect resource for sewers, quilters, and other fabric crafters!"



“A super useful and engaging volume on screen printing…Jen gets into detail on many approaches to screen printing in this book—both low-tech ones with simple materials and more-advanced concepts. It's the kind of book you can really grow your skills with, and the kind of book that inspires you in a lot of different directions.” —CraftyPod

“I LOVE this book! Jen Swearington knows her stuff and makes sure that she gives you ALL the information you need to be confident in trying out these techniques." —Sew Sweetness

“This fun and imaginative look at printing on fabric feels like a personal conversation between you and Jen. Hand-drawn images, photos, and color-coded instructions complement its overall appeal.” —American Quilter Magazine