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Workshop: "Screen Printing on Fabric," John C. Campbell Folk School


Jenny is teaching two fun classes back-to-back. Take one or both!
Contact John C. Campbell Folk School directly to register.

June 7-9, 2019
Hand-Cut Stencils for Surface Design

With just a craft knife and a self-healing mat, we will hand-cut paper in a variety of motifs, patterns, and imagery, from basic to elaborate. By stacking and cutting layers of paper together, we will build mirrored images, multiple templates, and snowflake-style symmetrical compositions. We will use these papercuts as stencils for direct surface design application such as spray painting, dye resist, and sewn appliqué. Stencil materials include tyvek, acetate, construction paper, and freezer paper. While the cutting can be meticulous, the surface design is more improvisational with the opportunity to layer and arrange intricate patterns together spontaneously.
June 9-15, 2019
Screen Printing on Fabric

From improvisational compositions to intricate design, screen printing is infinitely versatile and tons of fun. We’ll start by creating stencils on the screen with low tech methods: harvesting found texture rubbings, painting and hand-cutting paper stencils, utilizing grocery store materials, then move on to exposing photo emulsion film to create finely detailed screen imagery. Meanwhile, we will compose on the print table to explore composition, implied pattern, and repeat design, layering prints into rich surfaces on clothing and fabric. Bring plenty of t-shirts and items from home that could use some new spark, along with your own energy and ideas.